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People choose Chiropractic care because it is effective, safe and natural. Evaluating the spinal column from the front to the back, it should appear as straight as possible. However, if the spine is shifted, tilted or rotated, uneven wear occurs to the nerves in the back. The pressure damages the nerves which can cause pain, numbness, headaches, shooting pain, etc.

The best way to determine if this is the cause of the symptom, is to have a complete Chiropractic evaluation, including a computerized postural assessment, spinal x-rays, muscle and specific orthopedic tests.

Unwanted nerve pressure from a muscle, disc or vertebrae will cause damage. These damaged nerves will start to malfunction and cause problems in different areas of the body. The goal is to identify which nerves are malfunctioning, remove the unwanted pressure and allow the nerve to function at 100%. If pain, numbness or shooting pains come and go, that is indicative of a nerve problem. Men, women and parents realize their bodies function better, heal more quickly and have a greater sense of health while under active Chiropractic care.

We promise to use the highest level of ethics and commitment, treating each patient as if they are a member of our own family. Recommended by area medical doctors, we built our reputation through devotion to our patients, quality care and results.